Engineering HVAC Tools & Support


From planning to service and maintenance and then to de-construction, an architectural project goes along many stages from the beginning to the end of its lifecycle. 

Along those stages, various engineering tools are applied to solve the diverse issues happening in each stage, with the most optimal solution possible. 

Due to the usage of such tools, buildings are effectively designed, built, supervised, and maintained throughout the lifecycle. 

Dedicated to providing the best HVAC engineering support, LG Electronics Air-Solution Business Unit offers several engineering tools and solutions focused on HVAC, during the overall lifecycle of a building, related to the three categories:
 I. Draft Energy Estimation and Energy Modelling
II. Model Selection and Design and 
III. Installation Environment Simulation.  
LATS (LG Airconditioning Technical Solutions) Programs developed to offer the best and the most optimised tool for LG HVAC systems, providing a faster, easier, and a more accurate way in everyday duties of Model-selection, Draft Energy Estimation and Designing, and much more. 
01 Draft Energy Estimation 
02 Building Energy Modeling
03 Model Selection 
04 Design 


05 Installation Environment Simulation 
LGMV and LG SIMs are on-site tools for troubleshooting, monitoring and controlling operations of LG HVAC systems.  They offer a simpler yet fully comprehensive set of data and monitoring capabilities for existing LG HVAC systems.

All LG equipment are manufactured to ISO9001 & 14001 and EUROVENT certified & ETL Compliant

ETL Compliance


LGMV Installation, Servicing and Monitoring Tool