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UK Building Safety Bill: Factsheets -  May 2022


Look!! How Hong Kong authorities issue safety tips  -  March 2022


Will šŸ”„ flammable refrigerants (A2L/A3) be an "Achilles' heel" for manufacturers? – April 2022


Look!! Hong Kong, Singapore and R32 -  March 2022


CCPI Update 2 - Clause 10 & 11 of the CCPI Code -  March 2022


CCPI Update 1 - Manufacturer's Adverts and Clause 3 of the CCPI Code -  February 2022

CCPI - Code for Construction Product Information -  January 2022      
Replace R32 with R410A? – October 2021
Latest Newsletter from Space Air – October 2021
Is this type of advert for products containing A2L flammable R32 legal? – September 2021
High-rise building fires where flammable refrigerant were used in cladding – September 2021
Imagine, if there is a leak when these units charged with A2L Flammable R32 refrigerant? – August 2021
News Flash! 
How The U.S. Can Avoid Europe’s Problematic HFC Phasedown – August 2021
Do manufacturers meet ASA and CAP Codes? – July 2021
Are Manufacturers aware of the Code for CPI? – July 2021
Do manufacturers meet ASA and CAP Codes? – July 2021
UNEP - Fact Sheet 13 - Insulating Foam – June 2021
Is it legal? Is there a Cartel? – May 2021
AHRI UL A2L Refrigerant Behaviour in a Structure Fire – April 2021
CPI -  The code for Construction Product Information  April 2021
"Greenwashing" Fact Check  March 2021
Breaking News - New Regulator Established  February 2021
What played a major role in the Grenfell Tower Disaster?   January 2021
What are the refrigerant safety classification   November 2020
EU Life Front Quantitative Risk Assessment for Flammable Refrigerant - June 2020 EU Regulation
EU F-Gas Regulations (Importers of equipment obligations) - February 2020 EU Regulation
Refrigerant Safety Classification?  09/08/2020
Fire Hazards of Refrigerants in AC - Hong Kong Case 2014
EU F-Gas Regulation – Gluckman Consulting



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