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A - Phase 1 Overview

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The Grenfell Tower Enquiry   


a - Phase 1 Overview Report (Oct 2019)

2.12 Chapter 21 p4 "Rt Hon Sir Martin Moore-Bick" 
"how the failure of a common domestic appliance could have had such disastrous consequences" (see also Which? report below)

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b - Legal Opinion

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a) Corporate manslaughter (duty on companies not only regarding safety of products but duty of safety of users while the company is aware of it and do not inform), or 
b) Individuals within the company for Gross negligence manslaughter (Inviduals aware of safety issues but intentionally hide information) or / and
c) Other fraud or fraud related charges, fire safety or Health and Safety offences 

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c - YouTube witness statements 

Bereaved Lawyers - Managing Director, Kingspan - Technical Manager, Celotex

9 Novenber 2020-Sam Stein QC
Lawyer for the bereaved and survivors

These companies Kingspan,, Arconic and Celotex are no more than crooks and they knew that their product is flammable


9 December 2020- Richard Burnley
Kingspan MD (2014-2019)

"Was not aware that the change of the foam blowing agent? (1:01)". 

MD knew in 2014 tests for the revised product using a new blowing agent would fail. (2:24" - 2:27")..

26 November 2020-Debbie Burger
Celotex Technical Manager

"Was not aware what class O* means 6:40"

Flash News 16 June 2022

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d - BBC Podcasts witness statements




182 NHBC- National House Building Council (2 Feb 2022) 
Approved Kinspan's combustable cladding . Jon Lewis (x fire Engineer) "corrupting" / Diane Marshall "defended the institutions action"


141 Arconic -  Debra French UK Sales Manager (12 Feb 2021)

142 Arconic - Claude Schmidt President 142 (19 Feb 2021)

136 Celotex Podcast (20 Nov 2020) 
"Staff from the insulation manufacturer Celotex admitted they were unethical"

Kingspan Podcast 137, 138,139 and 140 (27 Nov, 04 Dec and 11 Dec 2020) 

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e - Reports & Blogs

Whirlpool / Hotpoint TEST REPORT  (requested by BEIS/UKGOV)
"Confirms that the insulation used flammable hydrocarbon blowing agent and not meeting standards...."
February 2018

Which? REPORT: Fridge Freezer Safety
Latest Update includes warnings regarding the
use of flammable refrigerant in the refrigerator cycle

March 2022

Environment Agency REPORT. Hydrocarbon -blown fridges are hazardous waste
anuary 2013

UNEP Ozone Secretarial Fact Sheet on HFC & Low GWP butane Alternative as BLOWING AGENTS in the manufacture of Insulation Foam
Manufacturers ignored warnings in the report

October 2015

Housing After Grenfell blog. Insulation in England & Scotland 
Class O & the End of Goverment Guidance on Building Regulations
January 2019

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Grenfell Tower Menu

A - Phase 1 Overview

E - Reports & Blogs

B - Legal Opinion


C - Witness Statements


D - BBC Podcasts



aA3 class Flammable & Explosive Refrigerant🔥💥 (R600a & R270)
R600a, A3 class refrigerant was introduced to domestic refrigerators & freezers in 2000 - 2004 by some manufacturers replacing A1 class non-flammable refrigerant which has been around  (since 1928) (R12 or R134a ) ignoring ISO 817 & ASHRAE 34 warnings and 
 UN Fact Sheet13 . These manufacturers did not display warning signs or regulations.

Refrigerant classification
There are over 300 types of refrigerants in THREE Safety Classifications with regards to flammability, in accordance with ISO 817:2014 (E) &ASHRAE34 International Standard clearly indicate that:

A1 class non-flammable - fire Supressor (such as R134a, R410A,R12, R22,etc), A2/A2L flammable🔥 (such as R32, R454B) - fire Propogator & A3 Highly flammable🔥💥- fire Propogator & Explosive (such as Butane R270, Isobutane R600a). 


"Greenwashing is a deceptive form of marketing that claims a company's products, policies and goals are environmentally friendly and therefore do less damage to nature, with an underlying purpose to increase profits"

Blowing Agent
Blowing agent is a substance which is capable of producing a cellular structure via a foaming process in a variety of materials that undergo hardening or phase transition, such as polymers, plastics, and metals. They are typically applied when the blown material is in a liquid stage *Note: Use of class O materials is an old out of dated national product classification (see more). Must use BS EN 13501-1 (class A1 non-combustible and non-flammable or class A2 non-combustible BUT, flammable). (see UNEP - Fact sheet 


4Building Cladding : Composite cladding typically consists of panels 3–5 millimetres (0.12–0.20 in) thick made of a core material sandwiched between two aluminium faces. Grenfell Tower was clad with composite panels with a polyethylene core which contributed to the fire; these panels cost about £2 less than ones with incombustible core.

5Business Cartel ; Daikin Industries/ Chemical have patented (aprox 300+ patents) A2L flammable HFC32 (R32) refrigerant as a single component, used in small split air conditioning equipment and Heat Pumps, licensed the patents to Japanese (such as Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Toshiba, etc), Korean (LG & Samsung) & Chinese AC manufacturers.conditional on withdrawing current A1 class R410A non-flammable in small splits (refrigerant charge less than 3kg). This has been applied to UK & and some EU.

"A Business Cartel is not only about agreeing prices but also it includes colluding through their patent:  
1) to force the market accepting some products that are different than the market use to (i.e. contains flammable materials for the 1st time), by not following advertising standards and notifying at sale point, that it a) requires special Safety requirements, b) extra safety materials, c) extra risk assesment, d) extra local authority / fire services standards and approval, e) no clear warnings to users, and
2) forces other manufacturers to withdraw current safe products without giving a safe & compliant choice."



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