Space Air-Safe Solution for πŸ”₯ R32 Solution

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Space Air Safe Solution

Replacing flammable πŸ”₯ R32 with non-flammable  R410A


Space Air Ltd (Space AirR is a Registered Trading name) is a distributor of Air Conditioning equipment & have always abided by the current local & International Standards and Health & Safety Standards to provide SAFE & legal SOLUTIONS since its inception on 1st August 1980.  see Space Air 30 years

Space Air Safe Solution

Space Air are under ethical & legal obligations* to Health & Saftey Regulations and Advertising Standards, had to find a practical, compliant & legal solution to the mess πŸ”₯ R32 (HFC32) as a single component introduced by Daikin (in 2015) have created in the air conditioing & heat pump industry.
After investigation, coupled with i) internal & external monitored tests, ii) analysing compatibility of equipment components, iii) checking operating conditions & parameters (see below), concluded that replacing the newly introduced equipment charged with flammable 
πŸ”₯ A2L class HFC32 with current  non-flammable A1 class  refrigerant HFC410A, is technically and legally viable.

Important warning: Never replace 
πŸ”₯ R32 in equipment designed to operate with R410A  (see below) due to πŸ”₯ R32 having higher discharge temperatures.

This action was not done as a commercial stunt but professionally to protect Space Air 43 years reputation, our clients, installers, maintenance personals and the eventual beneficiary of the equipment, the USER.  SEE Space Air Policy

* Manufacturers, Importers & Distributors are all under the these obligations Health & Safety 2016 no.1107 & Advertising Standards Authority CAP Code which applies to products containing flammable materials (A2/A2L & A3 class) refrigerants such as HFC32 (R32) or R290 etc)  as classified by ISO817 & ASHRAE34 International Standards.

You can TECHNICALLY & LEGALLY drop  R410A refrigerant into an πŸ”₯ R32 designed equipment.

 due to:

  1.  A1 class non-flammable   R410A is a mixture of flammable πŸ”₯ R32 & non-flammable  R125 (50/50).
    R125 acts as a supressent to the flammability of R32 and less miscible with oil. The reason why R410A is  non-flammable.
  2. A1 class R410A non-flammable  & A2L class R32 flammable πŸ”₯ are both HFCs and have the same Thermodynamic properties except πŸ”₯R32 has a higher discharge temperature (+20°C) than R410A. (see enthalpy chart below)
  3. A2L πŸ”₯ R32 & A1  R410A compressor oils are the same. (Note: πŸ”₯R32 has higher oil miscibility than R410A)
  4. A2L πŸ”₯R32 refrigerant charge is less than A1 R410A due points 2 & 3 above, which might ignite the oil in the compression cycle)
  5. Nominal capacities of equipment charged with A2L πŸ”₯R32 are the same as A1   R410A, even with less refrigerant charge. This is achieved by increasing the inverter compressor speed to compensate for a) less refrigerant, b) high oil miscibility and c) high discharge temperature.
  6. The refrigeration DX cycle for πŸ”₯ R32 has extra safety controls due to point 5 above & flammability.
    (Not needed for R410A but present no harm and can help if incorrect R410A mixture is supplied).
  7. The compressor model, specification and electrical characteristics for both R410A & πŸ”₯R32 is the same (LG equipment and sure for other manufacturers?)
  8. Indoor units are the same configuration, duty, airflow. pipe configuration and electrical characteristics.
  9. Q: Will the warranty is affected?   A: No,
    for the above & following reasons:
      i) The manufacturers by stopping supply safe R410A are illegally forcing the use of flammableπŸ”₯ refrigerant risking life & property without a declaration or meeting safety obligation or Advertising Standards (ASA CAP Code) etc
      ii) All main components are the same (Compressor, Evaporator, Expansion Valve, oil etc)- (see spare parts list)
      iii) R410A is a mixture of 50% πŸ”₯ R32 & 50% R125 (a suppressant to the πŸ”₯R32 flammability & lowers miscibility)
      iv) The operating (pressures and temperatures are better for R410A, & below πŸ”₯R32 (e.g.+20°C discharge temp)
      v) R410A being non-flammable   is more tolerant to the presence of moisture, while if πŸ”₯ R32 there is possibility of explosion.

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Specifiers, Contractors, Installers, Maintenance & transportation will be acting legally within the Health & Safety, Building Regulations and Insurance legal framework in specifying, supplying, installing, servicing & transporting equipment containing non-flammable materials"
(Manufacturers need to comply with the 11 clauses of the CCPI code.)


Q: Are manufacturers who supply equipment charged with un certified or non-compliant flammable πŸ”₯ HFC32 liable for the cost of conversion to safe  & compliant R410A refrigerant?

A: Yes. They are & should be liable for illegally a) Put on the market products that dose not meet H&S standrds and National or International regulations & b) forcing the supply of equipment charged with flammable A2L class πŸ”₯ HFC32 (as a single component) by withdrawing legal, current & safe A1 class non-flammable which has been around since 1928 c) ambiguous advertising without clear flammable warnings at point of sale as dictated by Adevertising Standard Authority (ASA) CAP Code endangering etc.

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Refrigerant classification
There are over 300 types of refrigerants in THREE Safety Classifications with regards to flammability, in accordance with ISO 817:2014 (E) & ASHRAE34 International Standard clearly indicate that: 
               A1 class non-flammable, A2/A2L flammableπŸ”₯ & A3 Highly flammable/Explosive πŸ”₯πŸ’₯

2 Greenwashing
"Greenwashing is a deceptive form of marketing that claims a company's products, policies and goals are environmentally friendly and therefore do less damage to nature, with an underlying purpose to increase profits"

5Business Cartel ; Daikin Industries/ Chemical have patented (aprox3 00+ patents) A2L flammable πŸ”₯R32 refrigerant and components used in small splits air conditioning equipment and licensed the patents to Japanese manufacturers (such as Mitsubishi Electric, Fugitsu, Toshiba, etc), Korean manufacturers (LG & Samsung) & Chinese AC manufacturers, conditional on withdrawing current R410A non-flammable in small splits (refrigerant charge less than 3kg) and not mentioning that R32 is flammable πŸ”₯ in their promotional materials or website. This has been applied to UK & and some EU but not the rest of the world. Daikin is an international manufacturer and claim meeting international standards & safety obligations. R410A is an A1 class non-flammable refrigerant is the dominant refrigerant in the world while πŸ”₯ R32 has been since 2015.   


*1 Public Buildings means any building having free entrance or permissible for entry to the common masses then that building will be called public buildings e.g. Offices, Restaurants, apartments, shops, Hospitals, Hotels, Supermarkets, Sports centres and Care homes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Refrigerants are controlled substances due to high pressures, extremely low and high temperature, toxicity & flammability and MUST only be handled by qualified Certified Refrigeration Engineers with F-Gas A1 class refrigerant and with extra qualification if flammable refrigerant (A2L or A3 class)  

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