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PRODUCT NEWS  24th April 2022

Residential Heat Pump Range with non-flammable refrigerant

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PRODUCT NEWS  14th April 2022

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

One to One - Synchro - AHU

PRODUCT NEWS  16th January 2022

CAC R410A Universal Outdoor Heat Pumps

Replace existing Gas, Oil or Electric boiler (domestic only) Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  16th November 2021

Space Air Residential Heat Pump Range

Delivering safe and energy efficient Heat Pump solutions since 1980 Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  26th October 2021

LG VRF Multi V S Compact / Mini Heat Pump

Ideal for Domestic, Small Commercial and Offices 
Heating - DHW - Cooling (12.5kW - 15kW)

PRODUCT NEWS  24th October 2021

Air to Air Heat Pumps Multi Split Systems

One Outdoor + up to 5 Indoor.  (4kW - 16kW)  Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  11st October 2021

Universal CAC Air to Air Outdoor Heat Pumps

2.5kW ~ 25.0kW - One to One, Synchro and AHU-DX  Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  21st September 2021

LG Mirror And Deluxe With Heat Pumps

Distributors, since 1980, of Safe*, Healthy, Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Heat Pumps Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  6th August 2021

Healthy Summer Promotion

Buy LG Deluxe indoor (Split or Multi), get 50% off Mia Wall-mounted HRV Ventilation for complete healthy living. Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  25th June 2020

LG Multi Split - Cool, Healthy & Safe

The wall mounted LG Deluxe and ArtCool Mirror, offers a range of benefits including the PlasMaster™ Ionizer filters to protect you from harmful substances and odours. Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  25th May 2020

Space Air indoor units keep your air 99.9% Clean, Sterilised & Safe (with R410A OD)

The wall mounted LG Deluxe and ArtCool Mirror, offers a range of benefits including the PlasMaster™ Ionizer filters to protect you from harmful substances and odours. Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  30th March 2020

AC & HRV from Space Air keeps your air 99.9% clean and sterilised

Unique Indoor units with built Plasmaster Ionizer sterilizes up to 99.9% Bacteria & Deodorizes and an HRV with a HEPA filter to 99.9% efficiency. Read More...

INDUSTRY NEWS  21st March 2020

ASHRAE - Corona Virus & HVAC Systems

An important report from ASHRAE

HVAC is, can and should play an important part in the fight of not only Coronavirus but any other viruses' in Public Buildings or Homes. After all the reason for any HVAC system to provide a comfortable and healthy environment! Read More...

REFRIGERANT NEWS  4th December 2019

AIRAH - Flammable Refrigerants Safety Guide Update

This update to the 2013 Flammable Refrigerants Safety Guide (FRSG) has been produced by the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) in association with the Department of Environment and Energy.

The FRSG provides an overview of the key elements of safe design, installation and operation of flammable refrigerant-based systems. Read More...

REFRIGERANT NEWS  19th November 2019

IoR Latest update on Flammable R32

The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) has released a new document that gives an overview of the Refrigeration Safety and Risk Assessment for Flammable Refrigerants.

This paper focuses mainly on the A2L refrigerants which integrated into buildings. Read More...

INDUSTRY NEWS  5th November 2019


Update on New Refrigerants Designations and Safety Classifications

The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide an update on ASHRAE standards for refrigerants and to introduce the new refrigerants that have been awarded an «R» number over the last few years and introduced into the international market. Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  4th October 2019

Space Air's new addition to our HRV range

This Heat Recovery Ventilation unit is ideal for applications where ventilation is required but has limited ceiling space or ducted type ventilation or requires quick and cost effective installation. Read More...

INDUSTRY NEWS  26th August 2019

AREA Standard EN378

European Standard EN 378 covers safety and environmental requirements for the design, manufacture, construction, installation, operation, maintenance, repair and disposal of refrigerating, air conditioning and heat pump systems and appliances.   Read More...

INDUSTRY NEWS  18th May 2019

What is the difference between Brexit and Flammable Refrigerants?

Confusion? We want it but how? we needed it but why? are we ready for it? we are talking here about R32  Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  12th May 2019

LG’s R410A Product Range

Extensive Range of Non-Flammable R410A LG Product. Splits, Multi, VRF, Controls, HRV and accessories  Read More...

INDUSTRY NEWS  2nd April 2019

Latest NEWS on flammable refrigerant

FETA (Federation of Environmental Trade Association) has issued new Guidelines regarding Flammable refrigerants, FETA publishes risk assessment guidance for flammables Trade body,  Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  10th January 2019 

Space Air - LG Multi V VRF Technology 

Helping Architects and Building Owners achieve energy efficiency, cost savings and environmental conservation. In today’s hyper-competitive property market, building owners and manager,  Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  14th December 2018   

LG Multi Split - MU and FM

LARGE Multi Split Systems 

Cooling or Heating up to 18.8kW. Connects 1 to 9 indoor units.  Read More...

INDUSTRY NEWS  19th November 2018

Get Ready For Flammable Refrigerants

Do you buy, sell & install, service or repair equipment containing Flammable Refrigerants e.g. R32? Then you MUST read this !! for your own and your customer's safety and liability..  Read More...

PRODUCT NEWS  12th October 2018

LG Multi V 5 - VRF

'Probably! the largest, most advanced & efficient VRF system in the world' 

One Solution, 2 or 3 pipe for various demands  Read More...


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