About Space Air


The Space Air® name was the acronym of Specialised packaged Air Conditioning Equipment, was created over 4 decades ago in 1980 to be one of the leading specialists in professionally distributing air conditioning equipment in the UK. click to see history

We became a vital link between the manufacturer and all customers from Dealers, Specifiers, Architects, Contractors, Facility and maintenance companies and end users. We specialised not only in equipment knowledge but provide solutions to whole aspects of the HVAC industry including legislation and regulations that lead manufacturers to reduce energy consumption and make equipment safe and accessible to all walks of life.

Our focus was and still is, on how to promote and support the innovation and advancement in the air conditioning market by providing complete support to customers from design, quotation, logistics, technical support and after sales. Space Air® was the major contributor to the success of VRF technology not only in the UK but throughout Europe and beyond. Space Air success story summerised in our 30 year celebration brochure



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