Flexible solution for an exceptional home

An exceptional 5 bedroom new build detached arts and crafts style home, approximately 680m2 over 4 floors located on a grandeur estate in Surrey is heated entirely by one air source, air/water outdoor unit. The luxurious house has under floor heating throughout and en-suite bathrooms to each bedroom, all heated by wall to floor towel rails and fitted with larger than average power showers, requiring a high volume of water.

The Daikin Altherma low temperature split system was initially specified for the central heating and domestic hot water, consisting of an 8kW unit to the basement, a 16kW for the ground floor and a further 16kW outdoor unit for the 1st and 2nd floor heating and hot water.

Space Air, distributors of the entire Daikin Altherma range changed the design of the system to one Daikin Altherma 39kW Flex outdoor unit. The Flex outdoor unit connects to the under-floor heating and 2 x 300l dhw storage tanks via 2 hydrobox indoor units, and has a smaller footprint than the originally specified 3 split units.

Using a renewable heat source, ambient air, the Daikin Altherma Flex is highly efficient compared to conventional fossil fuel boiler, capable of heating water up to 75°C efficiently by a cascade refrigerant cycle, and has remarkable COPs up to 3.5.

Space Air Solutions not only supplies the ‘complete’ Daikin Altherma range (each one supplied comes with a watt meter to monitor energy use) but also designs and manufactures unique piping kits to ensure that each installation can be a replica of the next. Consistency of installation procedures fully optimises the operation of Daikin systems and is of great importance for developers and owners of housing stock.

The Flex air/water heat pump has won many awards for offering reduced carbon emissions and lower energy bills. Call: 01483 252 252 or email altherma@spaceair.co.uk for further details on the Daikin Altherma product range or your project.

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