3 year warranty or 5 year guarantee

5 Year Guarantee

Space Air has a fantastic extended warranty policy on selected Daikin systems. This will give your customers peace of mind that their investment is fully protected.

What does the policy include?

3 year warranty policy

5 year guarantee policy

When does the warranty or guarantee begin?

From the date the Daikin system is delivered1 or commissioned (right through to the end of the 3 or 5 year term).

What is included in the health check?

Health checks are carried out at a small premium.

Validation of Warranty

Further Information

For further information please contact the marketing department on 0333 0069 755 or 01483 504 883

Note: It is strongly recommended that system commissioning is carried out by Space Air engineers.

13 years warranty or 5 years guarantee commences from date of commissioning, which must take place within 6 months of delivery.

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