BSRIA chooses Daikin Chiller from Space Air

When one of their existing test house chillers failed, BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association) chose to source a replacement from Daikin Distributor, Space Airconditioning plc.

BSRIA’s Engineering Director, Mike Smith commented, “The chiller is used as a process unit, supplying our main test house facility. This includes our UKAS accredited heat pump thermal and acoustic performance laboratories as well as more mixed use, large thermal chambers in which evaluations are conducted on physical mock-ups of anything from offices to data centres plus equipment performance proving for witness tests on items like close control air conditioning systems.”

Mike added, “Space Air was able to offer a number of options based on the extensive Daikin range of air-cooled chillers. In addition to a competitive price, a number of factors were critical, not least of which were short lead time availability and a small footprint to suit the restricted plant space.”

As BSRIA also had an occasional requirement for low water temperature operation, Space Air recommended a Daikin EWAQ100 DAYNP with ‘ZL’ control software to allow the set point to be reduced when required. This optimised R410A chiller features a dual brazed plate heat exchanger and was supplied with fully integrated hydronics. It offers an ESEER of 3.8 even at -5°C LWT and was delivered and commissioned by Space Air within 5 weeks of the original enquiry.

Mike Smith concluded, “The Daikin Chiller provides exactly the right combination of control, capacity, versatility and efficiency.”      

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