Logistics at it’s best...

We have an unmatched logistical force behind us! With our own fleet of vehicles, we can guarantee our customers receive their orders promptly in a reliable and cost effective manner.

How many suppliers have their own transport fleet?

What does Space Air logistics give you?

Logistic Experts

Space Air are masters of logistics, perfected over our 33 years as a Daikin Distributor delivering, the Daikin product range direct to our customers.

Through our highly developed and sophisticated system we forecast and manage stock requirements, maintaining availability of the most popular products, ready to deliver to our customers on demand.

We outsource logistics for larger equipment such as chillers and for long distances; only using controlled and trusted independent couriers.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

KPI 99.7% deliveries on time.

KPI 99.5% deliveries correct.

Our fleet operates nationwide with over 70% of all deliveries made using our own vehicles.

Space Air lorries are equipped with pallet carriers, tall lifts and roll tops for crane lifts.

For further information please call 0845 319 1980 or email enquiries@spaceair.co.uk

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