Process and Industrial Cooling

Original Press Release Date: June 2014

Process and Industrial Cooling

Certain process and industrial cooling plant that is 10 years old or more, even if it is still in good condition, is very likely to be coming to the end of its serviceable life – by law! Mike Nankivell, Marketing director of Space Air explains:

Virtually all refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment contains a quantity of refrigerant gas. Popular since the 1940’s, the refrigerant gas known as HCFC R22 exists in literally millions of applications throughout the World. It is safe and effective, however, in the 1990’s, it became classified as an ozone depleting substance (if leaked) and made the subject of a phase out programme, originally under the European Community (EC) Regulation No. 2037/2006, since recast to EC 1005/2009.

The manufacture of products designed to contain HCFC R22 was banned in Europe over a period between 1999 and 2004, therefore, in most cases, particularly if manufacture occurred earlier than 1999, it will now be considered obsolete. Spare parts are already becoming scarce and maintenance more costly, but worse is yet to come.

R22 Refrigerant banned from 2015!

From the end of December 2009 it became illegal to sell or use virgin (new) HCFC R22 refrigerant for service and maintenance purposes. Recycled HCFC R22 can be sold and used until December 2014, after which the use of R22 in Europe is completely banned!

Recycled R22 is now in short supply and consequently expensive. As many service and maintenance procedures necessitate the removal and/or replacement of the refrigerant, from the end of this year, it might prove impossible to carry out a cost effective repair because, once removed from the equipment R22 refrigerant cannot be put back in. As a result, owner/operators must consider replacing any air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration equipment that contains HCFC R22.

Note: Working equipment that contains R22 can still be legally operated beyond the end of this year; the ban affects the use of HCFC R22 for service and maintenance purposes.

Now in its 34th year, Space Airconditioning plc, the Guildford based distributor of Daikin chillers, AHUs, packaged air conditioning and heat pump equipment has established a dedicated R22 replacement advisory team. The team can assist with the planning process and replacement strategy for existing systems operating with HCFC R22 refrigerant and offer advice on all environmentally acceptable, energy efficient alternatives available from Daikin’s extensive and world leading range.

Benefits of replacement

There are substantial benefits to be gained from replacing older equipment.

The opportunity to reassess the system capacity and layout to suit current needs will enable optimised design, increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. Modern day systems tend to be more reliable, simple to maintain and aesthetically, physically smaller and easier on the eye.

On the flip side, particularly if the old system is still working, the thought of having to invest in new equipment could understandably be a cause of concern. Space Air’s team of R22 replacement advisors can also assist with information that might ease the financial burden, from special deals and incentives to lease hire or lease purchase schemes and tax breaks.


For more information or assistance contact the Space Air R22 Replacement team at or call them on 01483 504883. 

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