The Unique Fully Flat Ceiling Cassette

The FXZQ-A / FFQ-C ceiling cassette blends in seamlessly with modern decor while integrating the latest technology with energy saving functions that enhance users comfort. A first within the industry!

Reduced energy consumption by around 27%* with the presence sensor

Flexible Solution

Designed to optimise efficiency. Possibility to individually open or close any of the four flaps with the intuitive controller, thus allowing the unit to be positioned close to a wall or in a corner if temporary or permanent partitions were put in place.

Air Quality

Advanced filters have been fitted to remove dust particles to ensure cleaner air. A special programme allows the humidity levels to be reduced without variations in temperature.

Fully Flat Ceiling Cassette

Designed to fit flush within standard architectural ceiling panels.

Intuitive Controller

Provides the user with absolute control over their indoor environment. From setting the desired temperature and directing airflow to monitoring performance and re-configuring airflow.

Silent Comfort

The fully flat ceiling cassette is amongst the quietest units in the market at only 25dBA.

Floor Sensor

Naturally the temperature distribution in a room is warmer near the ceiling and cooler near the floor. The ‘floor sensor’ detects the temperature difference and re-directs the airflow to ensure that the temperature distribution is even.

Presence Sensor

Detects when people are in the room and adjust the temperature to the previously selected ‘set point’ thus establishing the perfect working conditions.

Further Information

If you would like further information on the fully flat cassette contact us on 0845 319 1980. Alternatively please email


FXZQ-A: Cooling Nom. - 1.7kW ~ 5.6kW Heating Nom. - 1.0kW ~ 6.3kW

FFQ-C: Cooling Nom. - 2.5kW ~ 5.7kW Heating Nom. - 3.2kW ~ 7.0kW

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