Daikin’s Flexible Air Cooled Chillers

Daikin applied systems offer complete customised solutions for individual building projects. Space Air supplies all the components to create an innovative, modularised, easily installed, energy efficient solution.

No matter how large your premises and whatever your air conditioning needs are Space Air can provide a Daikin air cooled chiller system to suit your requirements. It is a system that has proved its worth in a multiplicity of situations - from industrial sites to retail warehouses, hotels and department stores.

Daikin chillers offer the ultimate in flexibility and control to ensure the ideal indoor environment is comfortable, clean and consistent. They also offer unique precision, power, low operating noise, easy maintenance and low running costs.

Space Air supplies a complete range of fan coil units and air handling units to meet modern day requirements for better indoor air quality and increased insulation standards.

Space Air also has over 2000 template designsandover 500 assemblies in stockwhich have all been manufactured in-house to fully optimise the Daikin range, speed project progress and simplify the procurement process.

Daikin chillers come with a variety of options from standard efficiency to high ambient efficiency and standard sound versions to extra low sound versions.

If you would like further information, please contact us on 01483 504 883.

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