New Daikin Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units

Supplied by Space Air, Daikin distributor since 1980 have released a new modern bedroom wall mounted design with high performance for residential air conditioning to meet with growing demands.

Designated FTXS-K/CTXS-K, the new heat pump units blend unobtrusively with all forms of interior décor. Sleek and curved yet functionally designed with a high quality finish in attractive matt crystal white, the units’ almost unnoticeable operational noise levels down to just 19dBA ensure the low bedroom noise levels necessary for a good night’s rest.

At the low end of the range a ‘15’ class model accommodates the current trend towards smaller sized bedrooms and better insulation, delivering precisely the level of comfort at lower airflow rates and noise levels previously achieved only with size ‘20’ models. This development ensures more flexibility to distribute the capacity of multi outdoor units, including the new 3-port ‘40’ model, thereby providing maximum comfort throughout the house.

As a result of Daikin’s continual search for greater efficiency, the new range delivers top line performance – an inverter adjusting the power used to match the actual requirement, returning significant energy savings and resulting in an ‘A’ energy rating for the entire range. Further energy savings can also be achieved via use of the weekly timer and ‘intelligent eye’, which automatically activates an ‘economy mode’ when no personnel are detected within the room.

Discreet, modern and integrated design, whisper quiet operation, high energy efficiency and minimal dimensions ensure acceptance of the new range as the ideal solution for air conditioning bedrooms and other small areas with the house.

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