Product Accessory Update: Trunking

Based on our 30 years+ experience as a Daikin distributor, we have developed a range of over 500 accessory items to complement Daikin systems. Many can enhance and improve outdoor installation, due to the vulnerability from theft and vandalism.

Did you know we supply Trunking?

Space Air offer a range of bespoke trunking solutions to meet your exact installation requirements. Simply slot them over copper pipe work and fasten to the wall or floor for:

Extra protection: Securely fix and cover piping and wiring
Organisation: Ensures connections are neatly organised and well presented
Convenience: Slot to cover/uncover for quick and convenient protection

Reduce Theft
There has been a considerable increase in theft of copper piping and other valuable materials within the UK, mainly due to the rise in prices and demand. Help reduce theft by installing with adequate ‘protection’ such as trunking that would make it secure and hidden from sight.

Prevent Damage
Investing in trunking to cover and shield the refrigerant piping connecting to the outdoor units can significantly reduce damage from weather erosion or accidents, as well as minimising health and safety risks. Trunking ensures the tube will be insulated with a vapour barrier to prevent ice build-up, adequately supporting & protecting against corrosion and accidental damage.

Trunking is affordable, giving a great return on investment by saving unnecessary costs on repairs and claims on damage or theft.

Space Air’s Accessories
Trunking is one of the many accessories we have available in our our extensive 50,000 sq ft warehouse, based at our Guildford HQ.

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