Therma V™ Air to Water Heat Pump

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LG Domestic energy efficient Air to Water Heat Pump, provide Medium temperature (55°C) and High Temperature (80°C) Heating and Hot WaterResidential and Small Commercial applications.

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Note: Space Air are under obligation to meet H&S 2016 No. 1107 Statutory Instrument to not supply equipment containing A2L flammable refrigerant without conforming to Part 2 of the Statutory Instrument. 


Therma V Mono



               Therma V Split                                           Thema V Split High Temperature



Hydro Kits for LG Multi VRF range


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The range covers Mono system (All in one system) and Split System (Outdoor Unit and Indoor HP boiler) from 5 kW to 16 kW modules.

Also, Medium & High-Temperature Hydro Kits are connectable to VRF systems

All LG products are EUROVENT Certified. 


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