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The history of the business unit goes back to 1968, when LG (then called GoldStar) rolled out Korea’s first residential air conditioner. As the company first began making chillers for large commercial buildings in 1970, the commercial air conditioning business has grown exponentially, especially within the last 20 years.

The LG Electronics Air Solution Business Unit is a provider of total Building HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) through Trusted Solutions, Coexist through Sustainability, Optimal Environment & Energy Solutions. The company offers a broad portfolio of air conditioner products that are compatible with any building anywhere, Residential, Office Buildings, Hotels, Leasure Centres, Retail outlets, Factories etc.

LG - Inverter technology is claimed to be the most advanced in the world and used everywhere to control the consumption of energy of a motor exactly to what is required to execute the function,  saving up 70% energy in any electrical appliance from washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, compressors, etc

LG HVAC equipment is internationally renowned and its quality innovation and energy efficiency depicting the quality and innovation of their vast electronic products.

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In 2008, LG sold its 100 millionth air conditioning unit, becoming the first company in the industry to reach that significant milestone. The success of LG air conditioners has allowed the company to become one of the major players in the highly competitive HVAC industry. By enhancing the industry’s B2B infrastructure and finding further solutions for the HVAC sector, LG has risen to become a total HVAC solutions specialist. The company has steadily increased its sales and market share by introducing energy efficient and reliable HVAC Solutions and actively pursuing new opportunities wherever they arise. This sustained, excellent performance is built on a solid foundation of global R&D and advanced manufacturing capabilities. 

As a result of sustained improvement, LG VRF launched the first generation of MULTI V in 2006 and achieved significant development. With world’s top class compressor and innovative technology competency applied on every part, cycle and most advanced controlling solution due to the advanced electronic successful solution in the consumer goods. It has evolved to be one of the world's most efficient and reliable VRF's.





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